August 3, 2022

In-home long-term care services are preferred by most individuals. For people receiving those services through Medicaid a co-pay was often required to maintain services, which caused undue hardship in the past. The Personal Needs Allowance, or PNA, is the amount of income an individual on services can keep to cover household costs, including rent or mortgage, groceries, utilities, transportation, home maintenance, and any other household needs. The remainder of the income goes to fund their co-pay or participation for in-home services.

Prior to July 1, 2022, the PNA for an individual was $1,071.  So, if someone received $1,850 in monthly income, they would be allowed to keep $1,071 for household costs and would have a participation $779 toward their in-home care. As we all know it is very difficult to run a household on that amount of money.  Recently the Washington State Legislature passed a bill that allows individuals to now keep up to $2,523 to cover their household costs.  This policy change will allow more individuals to remain in their setting of choice for long-term care - their home!

If you have declined Medicaid in-home long-term care services in the past due to the high cost of participation, please reach out to NWRC staff in our Aging & Disability Resource Center at (360) 738-2500 to reevaluate your options.  If you are currently on services and have had a high participation in the past, please contact your Case Manager at (360) 676-6749.  

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