NWRC's four-year Strategic Area Plan focuses on the needs of older people and people with disabilities, as well as community strengths and challenges.

Our four-year Strategic Plan focuses on the needs of older people, people with disabilities, and people impacted by complex medical conditions. It outlines our agency’s mission, describes our target population, defines the areas of importance to improve support for those populations, provides a profile of how our resources are deployed, and sets the overall direction for NWRC.   

Our current plan outlines our focus on the following six priority areas:

  1. Building a Long-Term Services and Supports system to meet complex medical needs,
  2. Supporting family caregivers and people impacted by dementia.
  3. Providing information and access.
  4. Increasing capacity to meet medical transportation needs
  5. Providing quality health care in the Whatcom County jail.
  6. Providing coordinated support for tribal elders.

Development of our Strategic Plan is a true community effort, involving the Advisory Board, Governing Board, consumers, caregivers, providers, support groups, advocacy groups, community organizations, and the community at large.

View the NWRC Strategic Plan here: