Based on the needs you identify, skilled clinicians can provide you with compassionate, non-judgemental therapy in your home or via telehealth.

Mental health and substance use counseling

Mental health and substance use disorders are often combined under the term "Behavioral Health". Because NWRC has counselors that can work with either or both concerns at the same time, we call them Behavioral Health Counselors. Whether you feel you may be suffering from depression, anxiety, troubled relationships, or drug or alcohol use, we can help. Often it is a combination of many concerns that bring people to counseling.

Counseling, therapy, and psychotherapy

NWRC uses "Counseling" and "Therapy" to describe its services, which are focused on uncovering strengths and learning new skills to deal with life's challenges. NWRC therapy can be a compliment to medical treatment, including medications, that may be necessary to help you feel better.

Payment for Counseling

The costs for NWRC counseling is covered if you are on Medicaid through Amerigroup, Community Health Plan of Washington (CHPW), Molina, or United Healthcare. We are not able to accept Medicaid fee-for-service, Coordinated Care, Medicare, private pay, or private insurance at this time.