Provides outreach, information, Kinship Care training, telephone reassurance, and friendly visiting to Elders in the six federally recognized tribes in the region.

Tribal outreach and assistance

Since 1994, the NWRC Tribal Outreach & Assistance Program has successfully linked American Indian Elders with the services they need. Serving the Lummi, Nooksack, Samish, Sauk-Suiattle, Swinomish, and Upper Skagit tribal community members in Skagit and Whatcom Counties, this valuable program assures elders have access to services and provides technical assistance for programs on and off the reservations.

This focused outreach uses culturally appropriate materials and a culturally relevant approach to make services understandable and effective for older Indians. The Tribal Program Specialist provides information, assistance, and help in finding culturally appropriate care for elders who need personal care and other assistance in their homes. They also act as cultural interpreters for service providers and as an advocate for the needs of elders who experience barriers to accessing necessary services.

Wisdom Warriors

Wisdom Warriors is a Native American/Alaska Native program designed to utilize the tools learned in a 6-week class (2.5 hr/week) called Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP) and includes traditional foods, cultural activities, and healthy traditions.

 CDSMP is an evidence-based program created by Stanford University and has proven to be very effective in empowering people by giving them the tools to manage the many symptoms of chronic diseases. 

Once the students have completed the six-week CDSMP course, they graduate and become known as Wisdom Warriors and join other Wisdom Warriors in monthly meetings. The Wisdom Warriors program and the students become one! When they graduate, the Wisdom Warriors receive a Wisdom Pouch with the Wisdom Warrior logo pin, which is identical for each tribe but can be personalized by adding your own tribal pin. Multicolored Beads are earned by completing health goals throughout each year. 

Wisdom Warriors maintain their healthy lifestyles with the support of their peers and community for the rest of their lives. Wisdom Warriors share their lessons and become role models for the whole community by living wiser and living stronger.